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Who doesn’t love to receive mail? Yes, even in the digital age we still like to know that there is something other than bills in our mailbox. Your thank-you card will be appreciated and will bring a smile to many faces. Whether or not the bride or groom thanked the donor in person, the couple must write a thank-you note for every gift received. Follow these five simple tips when it comes time to send your thank-you cards.

Wedding Etiquette

Wedding Thank You Cards

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Contrary to popular belief, the bride and groom don’t have an unlimited amount of time to send these cards. Etiquette says they should be sentwithin two to three months after the ceremony if not sooner.  Life gets busy after the wedding, but thank you cards should not become a forgotten tradition.

Buying or Making Cards

Thank-you cards are typically ordered with the wedding invitations through any online wedding vendor or wedding store. If your wedding was a Do-It-Yourself then you might want to make your cards. You can also buy cards at any store within that sells wedding or craft items.

What Should I Say?

The internet makes it possible to reach out and touch someone, however thank-you messages  should not be sent through social media outlets, email, phone calls or generic messages on a website.  Handwritten cards with a personalized message are more heartfelt and will be remembered longer than a pre-written message. Mention the gift in the card and let the person know how you might use the gift. An extra nice touch is adding a picture of the bride and groom, from either the wedding or the honeymoon.

Have a Signing Party

Invite your bridesmaids, family or friends to help with the cards. Have each guest bring a food or desert item, and share his or her memories of the wedding. Give each person a few cards to fill out and you’ll be surprised how fast the number of thank-you cards are signed, sealed and delivered.

Set a Goal

If friends or families are not available then set a goal for completing the cards. Commit to sending out three or four cards a day. A small goal is more achievable then hundreds of thank-you cards staring at you. Just make sure to record or check off those cards that have been sent.

Your guests, family and friends will feel special and appreciated when they receive your thank-you card, it will be their 15 minutes of fame.

Rebecca Camarena, Author

Rebecca Camarena

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