We make booking our services easy.  If you come to our offices to obtain your license and get married, we block out 90 minutes for you. If we come to your location in Los Angeles County, we block out four hours, including the time it takes for us to travel to your location. Please block either 90 minutes or four hours accordingly.

Fees depend on the services provided, not on which length timeslot you book.  Please refer to our fee page.

If this is a short-notice (less than 24 hours) service please call or text us at (818)-334-2933 (hotline number, we will call you right back)  or email MarryMe@Long2Wed.com . We specialize in short-notice ceremonies!

We provide two main services – issuing a marriage license, and performing your marriage.  We can do either or both. If you already have a marriage license, we will be happy to perform your wedding ceremony.  If you only want us to issue your marriage license, we can do that also. Many people want us to do both. It takes about an hour to issue the marriage license itself, by the time we review and fill in all the paperwork.  We allow about 30 minutes for your ceremony.

If we come to your location, we allow up to one hour for travel, so if you want us to arrive at 3 pm, please book a timeslot starting at 2 pm, etc.  We will do everything we can to accommodate your needs and special wishes and will almost always speak to you by phone before the event.

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