Cafe Carolina, Encino, offering wedding services

Cafe Carolina, Encino, offering wedding services

Cafe Carolina is a fantastic Italian restaurant on Ventura Boulevard in Encino. See the Yelp reviews! It’s a great place for a dinner party, and you can have your wedding right there!

Cafe Carolina is the perfect place to get married with anywhere from zero to 60 guests. It’s easy to find, and parking is good. Isabella and Giuseppe will prepare a lovely meal for everyone based on the menu – the price is between $20-$60/person depending on your selections. Alternatively you can bring your friends over just for the ceremony. In that case, there is a room charge.

Anthony Matthews of Long2Wed will perform your wedding ceremony. He will work with you to tailor your vows and readings to exactly what you want, from simple to specialized.

Anthony is also authorized by L.A. County to issue you a marriage license, saving you a trip to the Registrar’s office and that long wait in line. This can be done same day if required. However, it’s usually best to issue the license at least a few days in advance if possible.

Chef Giuseppe Dossi, from beautiful Lago di Garda in northern Italy, invites you to experience authentic Italian food as it was meant to be – fresh, delicious, and made with passion!

Formerly of Il Fornaio/Manhattan Beach and Prego/Beverly Hills – after earliest inspiration and instruction at his mother’s side! – Chef Giuseppe is committed to bringing you a culinary experience his “Mama” would be proud of!

We are also proud to serve, to the extent possible, organic products in an earth-friendly facility.

We firmly believe organic ingredients are the healthier choice, for both our bodies and the soil. Crops derive their nutritional value (vitamins, minerals) from healthy, nutrient-rich soil. When the soil is depleted by large-scale pesticide use and overuse, our food is likewise depleted. So, when such is the case, even that low-cal, “healthy” raw salad is providing little in the way of nutrition. That’s why many of our ingredients are organic. You can count on (at least) our chicken, flour, spinach, mixed greens, arugula, potatoes, carrots, onions, beets, leeks, milk, coffee to be always organic. And, heck, organic just tastes better!

Long2Wed's Anthony Matthews with Cafe Carolina chef Giuseppe Dossi

Long2Wed’s Anthony Matthews with Cafe Carolina chef Giuseppe Dossi

Come experience our warm, inviting trattoria-style atmosphere – perfect for your dining delight – with fresh, authentic Italian cuisine to stir the soul, nourish the body, and nurture the heart. Bring your family, invite your friends.

We offer fresh, natural fare with vegetarian and vegan selections. Let us know of any special requests.

While we are not a vegetarian restaurant, we understand the needs of vegetarians, as well as vegans (the chef was a vegetarian for many years).

Our soup du jour is always vegan (on those rare occasions it is not, we are careful to point this out), made with vegetable stock and without cream (healthy for any diet). Our fruit cobbler is made without butter (vegan) and sweetened with agave nectar, suitable for most diabetics. Clearly, we take food seriously! (smile)

Since most dishes are made to order, in many cases, menu items can be adjusted to accommodate special needs, whether that means no meat,no dairy or no wheat. We have tofu (sometimes) to replace chicken and gluten-free pasta to replace the wheat.

Above all, we want your dining experience to be a satisfying one.

We wish you buon appetito!