There’s a myth that you have to go to Las Vegas for a “quickie” wedding.  Not so. It’s actually more convenient to get married fast in Los Angeles.

Update: Please note that the information on this page remains true, however we are no longer authorized to issue Confidential Marriage Licenses (demand was too low!).  If you have a marriage license from the County we are happy to perform your ceremony.

There are two parts to getting married.  Part 1 is obtaining a marriage license. Part 2 is having a wedding ceremony performed by a licensed officiant.

Avoid long lines at the Registrar's Office

Avoid long lines at the Registrar’s Office

In most states, you have to go to the County Clerk’s office to get your marriage license. That’s certainly true in Las Vegas where the office is not even open round the clock like it used to be. After waiting in line to obtain your marriage license, THEN you can go off and get married by Elvis, or at the Drive Thru Chapel, or wherever.

However, a little known but very useful fact is that in California, specially authorized notaries can issue marriage licenses, and can do so at any time and at any place – even at your home or office. For couples who cannot take the time off work during normal business hours to go and stand in line at the County Clerk’s office, or who do not want to be seen standing in line (like celebrities), or who decide to get married at short notice over the weekend, having your marriage license issued by a notary is a sensible option.

The kind of marriage license that notaries can issue is unique to California and is called a “Confidential Marriage License”. These  are commonly used – about 20% of marriage licenses in Los Angeles County are the Confidential type. They are every bit as valid as Public Marriage Licenses and differ in the following respects:

  • The marriage record cannot be found just by searching the Public Records. Only the couple can get copies of the marriage certificate
  • The couple does not need any witnesses at the wedding ceremony
  • The couple must state that they have been living together (co-habiting). There is no legal minimum time that they must have been doing so.
  • Confidential Marriage Licenses can be issued by special authorized Notaries
  • The couple must be married in the same county where the Confidential Marriage License was issued.

For many people, these items make no difference.

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