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You watched her grow up, helped with homework, picked her up from cheer practice and had the man-to-man talk with her first date.  Now the time has come to give her away and wish her well. Dad’s day is dreaded with emotions and responsibility. The father of the bride speech should be heart-felt, personal and offer a congratulatory message to your daughter and son-in-law. Your daughter has looked up to you her entire life and will remember this speech forever. Here’s how to succeed in your wedding speech.

Father of the bride speech

Father of the bride writing his speech

    • Welcome the guests to the wedding
    • Thank them for coming to help you celebrate the wedding of your daughter and son-in-law
    • Tell them about your daughter
    • Tell them about your new son-in-law
    • Pour your heart into nostalgic moments and shared memories with your daughter.
    • Compare and contrast moments from your daughter’s childhood with the beautiful woman she has become.
    • Brighten your speech with a light touch that will delight your guests.
    • Include a few things about meeting the groom for the first time, shared memories with your daughter, her new life, wishing her well, the setting, and funny or cute stories.
    • Use your memories, emotions, convictions, experiences and unique personality to write the speech that comes from your heart. And make sure to be the dad she knows.
    • Include a few life lessons that will help the couple start their life together
    • Give advice to your son-in-law on dealing with your daughter and marriage
    • Thank those that have been a part of your daughter’s life
    • Wish your daughter and son–in-law many happy years together
    • Ask the guests to participate in a toast to the bride and groom

The father of the bride speech may be the most important part in a man’s life. True emotions will give you the best speech of the night and lead into an emotional and loving father daughter dance.

Rebecca Camarena, Author

Rebecca Camarena

Rebecca Camarena is a freelance writer, blogger and editor. She specializes in wedding and pet articles along with PR writing and online book promotion. Her wedding articles have appeared at and She lives in Southern California with her family and pets. Find her at @topnotchwriter and Rebecca’s Writing Services.