We are offering to marry one couple for free in Los Angeles County during the month of June.  Please read here for the details. There are some criteria. Whoever books first gets it!

Book free wedding in Los Angeles in June (questions, call or text 818-334-2933)

What you get

Free: When we say “free” it means our services are free: to issue the marriage license and perform the marriage ceremony. We have a very nice ceremony. You will need to pay us the $85 Los Angeles County Marriage License Fee, plus an optional but highly recommended $15 for the County to mail you a certified copy of your marriage certificate, for a total cost to you of $100.

NOTE: If you already got your marriage license, we will come out and perform your ceremony for free, if we can use some pictures on our website.

Location: We come to you.  You do NOT need to visit the Registrar’s office to get your marriage license. We can issue your license and marry you anywhere in Los Angeles County. You need to arrange the location. Your home, a restaurant, a park, the beach: all good. You can have as many guests as your location will allow. We have a couple of locations we can recommend.

Available dates: You must have your marriage performed by July 3rd. We need at least 72 hours notice including at least two business days, although we can usually act sooner if we are available.

Our services: We will make one visit to you at any location within Los Angeles County to issue the marriage license and perform the marriage ceremony. We can tell you if an address or location is within the county.

ID: The couple must provide proper ID, which we will check (the county is very strict) and preferably your birth certificates also.

Marriage: We perform an excellent ceremony, and you get a lifetime of happiness.

What we get

What we ask for: We ask to get some pictures of your wedding ceremony to put on our website, along with a short testimonial (initials, not names) that we can use.

Book free marriage in Los Angeles in June  (questions, call or text 818-334-2933)

Legal Stuff

Immigration/Work Permits: We cannot legally provide any information how your marriage will affect your immigration status or ability to work. If that’s an issue for you, see an immigration lawyer.

State rules: The couple must be at least 18 years old, not married, and must state that they are currently living together (i.e. provide the same address – there is no requirement as to how long you have been living together).  Same-sex couples are welcome. There are no California state residency requirements for getting a marriage license or for getting married. Fly or drive in from anywhere!  You will NOT need any witnesses at your ceremony although guests are welcome.

Marriage Certificate: We provide you with a temporary signed copy of your marriage certificate as soon as you are married. Your certified copy will arrive from the County within 6 weeks. We don’t know if the DMV, Social Security, your employer, etc, will accept the temporary copy of your marriage license as proof that you were married. The certified copy will have your marriage date on it.

Book free marriage in Los Angeles in June  (questions, call or text 818-334-2933)