It is now possible to get married in Los Angeles County using only Bitcoin. This includes having a marriage license issued to you, and a legal ceremony performed. People who want to keep their marriages completely off the radar can consider this approach, which is the next best thing to cash for privacy.

Anthony Matthews, a notary who is authorized to issue Confidential Marriage License in Los Angeles County, explains: “Bitcoin is now an accepted form of payment for many different transactions internationally.  Long2Wed Marriage Services, which issues marriage licenses and performs weddings, accepts Bitcoin as payment for all of its services. The $85 County Marriage License Fee is passed on to the persons being married”.

Confidential Marriage Licenses are common in California, and provide an extra level of privacy for the couple being married as the marriage records are not made public by the state. “It’s actually more convenient to have a ‘quickie’ wedding in Los Angeles than in Las Vegas”, comments Matthews. “Everything comes to you”.

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