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Get married with Dogecoin - To the Chapel!

Get married with Dogecoin – To the Chapel!

Yes – it is absolutely true! You can now get married in Los Angeles County and pay using Dogecoin.  Anthony Matthews, notary, is authorized to issue marriage licenses AND perform your marriage ceremony, and can do this all in one visit to you, or your favorite location in LA County! So better than Vegas!

Call or text (818) 334-2WED (2933) or email

The cost of this complete service, including issuing your marriage license and performing the ceremony, is 745,000 Doge. If you allow us to take a couple of pictures of the ceremony for use on this website, and provide us with a short testimonial, the cost is 500,000 Doge (before you get sticker shock, this is about $167 the day this was written). Our service includes the following:

  • Issuance of marriage license ($85 County fee is included)
  • Certified copy of license (mailed by the County within 6 weeks, $15 County fee is included)
  • Standard short ceremony
  • Vanity personalized, embossed marriage certificate
  • We come to you in Los Angeles County! No need to wait in line at the County Registrar’s office.

restaurant GraphicIn order to qualify for this service, each of the couple must meet the following criteria:

  1. Provide legal, valid ID (we will go over this with you, the state has strict requirements)
  2. Provide your birth certificate if you have one
  3. State that you are currently living together (provide the same address)
  4. Be at least 18
  5. Neither party can be currently married, to each other or anyone else

There are NO residency requirements, you can come from anywhere, Drive to L.A. and leave married!  California also now recognizes same-sex marriages and we are honored to perform same sex ceremonies.

Below is our Dogecoin address.  You book our services by paying in advance, however please call, text, or email us before booking to receive specific instructions. Call or text (818) 334-2933, email to


Doge-back guarantee.  If for any reason we are not able to issue your marriage license after reviewing your ID and documentation, we will refund your Doge payment in full.

You can buy or exchange Dogecoin here.  We also take Bitcoin.

Such shoutout to Coindesk for very promotion!