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“You do not marry the person you can live with.

You marry the person you cannot live without.”


Wedding Rings at a Long2Wed ceremony

Wedding Rings at a Long2Wed ceremony

So you’ve decided to get married. . . and need to find someone to marry you. Your wedding is a reflection of who you are and selecting an officiator is an important decision. The officiant will lead the ceremony, provide the tone for your ceremony and help make your special day more memorable.

If you’re planning the wedding then it will be up to you to find the officiator. Whether your wedding will be small or large, held at an inside or outside venue, at a local or far-away destination, or if you need a discreet ceremony an officiator can take you through the steps necessary to get married.

An officiant must be legally recognized to do so by the state in which your wedding takes place. If you are having a religious ceremony, your officiant will need to be qualified in the eyes of that religious organization as well. A non-denominational wedding officiant can be found quickly through an internet search, by contacting your local court-house or by referral from friends and family.

You want to make sure that your officiant is professional, cooperative and discreet when needed. Here’s what you need to know when selecting an officiator:

  • Who can be an officiant?
  • Are you of legal age to be married?
  • If not, do you need a parent’s permission?
  • What do I need to do to obtain a marriage license?
  • Will the officiant provide a marriage license?
  • Are same-day services available?
  • Is there a waiting period or residency requirement?
  • Are there blood tests to be done?
  • How much will you be allowed to customize the ceremony?
  • Will you and your fiancé be able to write your own personal marriage vows?
  • Will you be able to have guest readers?
  • Can you incorporate poetry and/or literature into your readings?
  • Is the officiant amenable to the type of wedding you envision?
  • Will they be available on the day you need and not send another officiant?

Your love is beyond measure and you were meant to be together for a lifetime. The ceremony is where all your guests will come together to celebrate the exchange of your vows. All the planning and preparation are behind you. The love of your life is standing before you ready to start a life together. Having a beautiful, memorable and unique wedding of your dreams should include an officiator from Long2Wed who will play an important part of your special day.

Rebecca Camarena, Author

Rebecca Camarena

Rebecca Camarena is a freelance writer, blogger and editor. She specializes in wedding and pet articles along with PR writing and online book promotion. Her wedding articles have appeared at and She lives in Southern California with her family and pets. Find her at @topnotchwriter and Rebecca’s Writing Services.