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Wedding Cake Long2Wed

Wedding Cake Long2Wed

Traditional weddings usually have the tier wedding cake, but you can also wow your guests with a dessert bar. Dessert bars are the perfect alternative or compliment to the traditional tiered wedding cake. A dessert table allows you to be as creative as your imagination and serve up something appealing with cupcakes or old-fashioned mini wedding cakes, a chocolate fountain or mini fruit tarts.

The cake cutting ceremony is about sharing with your guests. However, a dessert buffet table with everyone’s favorite childhood desserts can bring young and old together over a common bond, their love of sweets.

If your wedding is a DIY then create deserts based on your favorite family recipes. Keep family memories alive from a simpler time when even a pie-crust was rolled out on a bed of flour and not bought in the frozen isle of the grocery store. Does grandma have an apple pie that makes your mouth water? Did your favorite aunt have a special ingredient in that carrot cake?

If you’re blending different nationalities a desert bar is a great introduction to the sweet tastes of another country. Each bite will bring back childhood memories for those of an older generation. A dessert bar is great when there will be children of all ages. Finger desserts mean no broken plates or lost silverware. Best of all the children can help themselves and quiet their sweet tooth while allowing adults to enjoy the entertainment.

Be sure to consider a few things for the dessert table; label all items with the product name, list the ingredients of each and separate those made with nuts and milk. Food allergies from wheat, gluten, nuts and dairy can cause your guests intestinal discomfort and in some cases severe allergies. If the guests bring homemade desserts label the name of the person who brought it.

With an assortment of pastries, puffs and more, your desert bar is sure to capture the sweet tooth of all your guests whether young or old. No matter how you slice it or serve it, it will be a sweet ending to an already memorable day.

Rebecca Camarena, Author

Rebecca Camarena

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