How to get a Marriage License

There are two ways to obtain a marriage license in Los Angeles County.

  1. Visit one of the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk offices during regular business hours and wait in line. You can also have the marriage ceremony performed at the RR/CC office if you book in advance, and if it’s a day that marriage services are offered at that location.
  2. OR, you can have us come to you at your convenience at any location in Los Angeles County. If we are available we can come any time, even at short notice, evenings and weekends, and we can also perform the marriage ceremony, either then or later.

Fill out Marriage License Application

Types of Marriage License

There are two types of marriage license in California

  1. Confidential Marriage License
  2. Public Marriage License.

Both are equally valid.  The Confidential Marriage License does not get registered publicly, and in addition you do not need any witnesses at your wedding. For most people, it makes little difference which type of marriage license they have, and in fact the Confidential License is preferred if the couple wants to get married “in secret”, such as when couples elope, or are celebrities trying to keep out of the press. You can get either type of marriage license from the Registrar Recorder/Count Clerk’s office. A Confidential Marriage License costs $5 less than a Public Marriage License.

In order to obtain a Confidential Marriage License, you must meet certain criteria:

  • You must both have valid ID
  • You must both be 18. We cannot issue confidential marriage licences to minors under any circumstances.
  • You must both be living together (cohabiting) when you apply.  There is no requirement as to how long you have been living together.
  • We are only authorized to issue Confidential Marriage Licences in Los Angeles County, and the marriage ceremony must be performed in Los Angeles County.

There is no requirement for a blood test.