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Obtaining a Marriage License in Ventura County

To obtain a marriage license in Ventura County, you must both visit together the County Clerk’s office in Ventura or Thousand Oaks. Please call to make an appointment!

The locations and phone numbers of the Ventura and Thousand Oaks offices are here:


You can print out the license application form to fill out at home and take with you, to make sure that you have all the information.


OR, you can fill out the form on line.  You will receive online a confirmation number to give to the clerk when you visit the office together, and your information will already be in their system..Go to this page and click on the tab: Marriage Application


Getting a Certified Copy of your Marriage Certificate in Ventura County

After your signed license has been recorded at the County Registrar’s Office, you will be able to obtain a certified copy. I suggest that you pick up two or three certified copies, you will inevitably need them one day.

You can visit the County Recorder’s Office in Ventura or Thousand Oaks.  Here are the addresses, hours, and phone numbers.  Please call them first to make sure they are open.


You can also order your marriage certificate by MAIL, or ONLINE.  Both these methods require you to have a form notarized certifying your identity, so they are a little more complicated.  Details are here.