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Good entertainment is one of the most important parts of a wedding. But often it’s last on the list when the budget is running low. Music sets the mood and can provide a relaxed atmosphere that will be popular with guests.  The overall ambiance of your reception relies on your choice of DJ. Selecting the right DJ will make your day more memorable.

Follow these ten tips when looking for a DJ.

  • Leave money in your budget – There’s nothing worse than coming up short on funds when you’re planning a wedding.

    DJ introducing wedding party

    DJ introducing wedding party

    Along with selecting a florist and photographer, the DJ should be at top of the list and you should set aside funds early in the planning stages.

  • Book in Advance – Time to do a little detective work. Ask all your married friends for referrals, find out costs and how much time in advance for reserving your choice of DJ.
  • Consider the House Band or DJ – If your venue comes along with either of these consider using their services. It not only saves time, their reputation has already been earned.
  • Shop Around – Don’t pick a DJ sight unseen. Schedule a meeting with three to five DJ’s to interview. Be sure to take a list of things to talk about.  Make sure your DJ is professional, experienced and is knowledgeable about all types of music.
  • Equipment –  Will the DJ provide or will you need to rent sound video or lighting equipment?
  • Discounts – With costs everywhere you turn, it’s always helpful to get discounts. Inquire about referrals for friends and start lining up your friends that have an upcoming marriage. Do you need them for the entire night? Do they need to play for the last hour when you will be saying good-bye to guests?
  • Hours they will play – How long will the DJ be scheduled. Will they play through dinner or after? When does the DJ eat dinner?
  • List of Dances – Dancing the night away will include the father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, dollar dance, other traditional dances and a variety of other dances plan out the type of songs that will go with these dances.
  • List of Songs – after the dance songs comes the songs for the rest of the evening. Is the DJ accommodating to all types of music and age groups? Make sure that there is music for all guests to enjoy. Provide the names of the wedding parts and practice speaking the names. Are you open to song requests be scheduled into the evening?
  • Signing a Contract – the basic elements of a contract ensure mutual agreement, consideration, and legality. Details may cover delivery, payment arrangements, set up and or clean up and that neither party leaves any loose ends. As you read the contract, jot down your questions or concerns. Knowing and understanding the contract language before you, sign can provide you with peace of mind.

Music has been able to get even the most resistant guest out on the dance floor for at least one dance. Paying attention to details and conveying your feelings to you DJ in your choice of music will lead you and your spouse into an emotional and loving first couples dance.

Rebecca Camarena, Author

Rebecca Camarena

Rebecca Camarena is a freelance writer, blogger and editor. She specializes in wedding and pet articles along with PR writing and online book promotion. Her wedding articles have appeared at and She lives in Southern California with her family and pets. Find her at @topnotchwriter and Rebecca’s Writing Services.