Liz Matthews, Wedding Coordinator

Liz Matthews, Wedding Coordinator (818) 275-2933,

Long2Wed provides “Day Of” and “Month Of” wedding coordination and planning services. Liz is our wedding coordinator!

Very often, couples plan their own wedding, or one of the couple takes on the responsibility. However, as it gets close to the “big day” you will probably find that there is too much left to do, or that managing all the vendors (venue, flowers, photographer, DJ/musicians, and more) becomes extremely stressful. And on the day itself, things can get crazy!

I provide services to help pull everything together in the month before the wedding and on the day of the wedding. You choose if you want either or both. In the month before the wedding, I am coordinating with the venue and all the vendors to make sure everyone is confirmed, and knows where to go and what to do. I keep you fully in the loop to coordinate any last changes. You end up talking to just me instead of many other people.


On the day of the wedding, I am there early, helping to set up, making sure everything is done. Using my timeline, a clipboard, and armed with everyone’s phone numbers, I make sure that everything goes smoothlly. People come to me instead of disturbing the bride and groom on their special day.

To maximize the enjoyment of your wedding day, call me! I will discuss your wedding with you and we will determine how I can best be a part of making it a the most special day of your life!

Call or text: 818-275-2933