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Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! I provide a complete flat-fee wedding officiant service.  Here is what I do:


Wedding officiated by Anthony MatthewsI work with you to create your desired ceremony built up from the “simple and elegant ceremony” and with the inclusion of any readings, poems, prayers etc. that you may want.  I have a PDF of wedding readings to choose from, or you can find your own (see link below). I create a complete document with your ceremony to review before the day to ensure it is exactly what you want. Many of my couples find great readings in the PDF.

Marriage License

I ensure that you have your marriage license. I provide complete information on how to obtain it. (See link below). In California, most couples obtain a Public Marriage License. Both of you must go to the Registrar’s office to pick up your license. In most counties, you can print out the form online to take with you, to save time at the Registrar’s office. You can obtain your license in any county and be married in any other county.  I make sure you have all the information that you need. Ask me also about the Confidential Marriage License which has different requirements.


Long2Wed-Anthony-Matthews-Officiant-KB2I will communicate with you by telephone and email to ensure that everything is in order and that the ceremony we create is exactly what you want. I check in at least weekly, and I am always available to you for any questions or updates. Before you choose me, I am happy to talk by phone, Skype, or meet for coffee.


I will meet with you both in the San Fernando Valley to go over your information. I like to do this at least three weeks before the ceremony.


At your option (and for an additional fee) I will attend your rehearsal. I can rehearse the processional, ceremony, and recessional, and am happy to do that.


I will generally arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony is due to start. I know how to slot in to the proceedings and am flexible as to how you want me to walk up the aisle, make announcements etc. Following the ceremony, I make sure that the witness(es) sign the marriage license appropriately, and then I generally leave within 20 minutes.

Following the wedding

I submit your signed license to the Registrar’s office in the county where it was issued, by certified mail.  I confirm with you that the license was mailed, and I remind you six weeks later to go and pick up your certified copies from the Registrar’s office.

In General

I do everything I can to make your ceremony stress-free and memorable. Please let me know what you need.

Links: Marriage License | Wedding Readings